Thrive Technologies Relaunches Website with Focus on Helping SKU-intensive Companies Identify ERP Inventory Blind Spots

Thrive Technologies, the leading provider of supply chain planning technologies to SKU-intensive companies, has announced the relaunch and expansion of its website at The new and improved website promises to serve as a hub of critical information and solutions for wholesalers looking to optimize their ERP inventory settings to significantly increase profitability. A central feature of the relaunched website is Thrive’s scorecard — a simple online process that reveals a company’s inventory blind spots, the costs of those blind spots, and provides consultative recommendations to improve inventory fill rates and lost sales.

"Our newly enhanced website offers greater insight into the heavy impact and costs that unpredictability and change have on multi-location wholesale inventory - what we call blind spots," said Rick Morris, Thrive Technologies CEO.

Among the highlights of the new Thrive Technologies website are in-depth details about the company’s patent-pending AI solutions — Thermostock® and Tiltmeter®. Thermostock is a cutting-edge technology that helps companies closely monitor and optimize the stocking quantities of low-selling SKUs that are responsible for the majority of dead stock, while Tiltmeter is a must-have technology that detects changes in supply and demand significantly faster than an ERP. Both solutions leverage existing ERPs to optimize inventory, with data sent back to the ERP for buying teams to leverage.

The enhanced website also includes a new, complimentary scorecard assessment, which can be completed within 10 minutes and reveals how well inventory-intensive wholesalers are managing their inventory blind spots. After completion, the scorecard provides a customized report and offers consultative recommendations to improve management of identified blind spots — with the ultimate goal being improved fill rates and lost sales.

“Our newly enhanced website offers greater insight into the heavy impact and costs that unpredictability and change have on multi-location wholesale inventory – what we call blind spots,” said Thrive Technologies CEO Rick Morris. “We are bringing those blind spots into full focus, while offering the cutting-edge solutions that will help them correct those issues for 50 percent reductions in dead stock and 10-point improvements in parts fill rates.”

The new website also offers a detailed comparison chart of what an ERP or third-party purchasing system offers versus Thrive’s inventory optimization software. The chart paints a clear picture of how Thrive’s solutions cause no disruption to buying teams, come with no risk, and take less than 30 days per module to implement. It also includes a side-by-side look at inventory optimization improvements, including fill rate, dead stock, and response time to supply and demand changes. The new website experience is rounded out with details regarding ERP integrations, how to become a Thrive partner if you also serve wholesalers, career opportunities, and Thrive’s data security measures.

Additional information about Thrive Technologies, including its entire portfolio of proven supply chain technologies, can be found online at Website visitors can also book a complimentary analysis to discover how Thrive’s solutions can improve their inventory management and boost their bottom line.

About Thrive Technologies
Thrive Technologies is committed to solving supply chain planning issues for inventory-intensive companies without requiring expensive risky software implementations. Thrive has developed patent-pending technologies that leverage AI to analyze billions of rows of inventory data to prevent up to 90 percent of the accumulation of dead stock and reduce lost sales by at least 50 percent. Thrive’s inventory solutions are live within days, integrate closely with clients’ ERP systems, and provide unprecedented agility in managing unpredictability and change in demand and supply chains.

For more information, please visit Thrive Technologies at or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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