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Our Relationship Starts With a Valuable Complimentary Analysis

Let’s use your data to identify and quantify your inventory blind spots.

Using your data, we’ll show you how much your inventory blind spots are costing you.

We will identify and quantify the causes of your dead stock and lost sales so that you can safely assess how much our digital technologies will help optimize your inventory before onboarding as a client.

We are the only inventory optimization planning company who will do this for you.

Connecting your ERP to our digital technologies with an API connection.
Running a custom analysis

Using your data and establishing inventory policies, we’ll estimate what your blind spots are costing you by analyzing the areas your ERP misses:

  • Managing low-selling and non-selling SKUs that make up your dead stock
  • Identifying SKUs that sell to only 1 or 2 clients
  • Recognizing changes in sales from unpredictable demand
  • Detecting changes in lead times from unpredictable supply
  • Measuring how many suggested orders are overridden by buyers

“The idea of something being set automatically and the ability to have Thermostock update regularly is very attractive. We've seen the results that it does a better job of keeping track of those C & D items than Eclipse is doing."

"For our transfer fill rates, we set our goal to equal or greater than 80%. Before Thermostock, it was lower than that regularly. But now, we are consistently at an 88% on our transfer fill rate."

“When you can't predict the future, and when you don't get a lot of active information from sales that help you predict the future, there is no other way to deal with it. You're either putting way too much or not enough on the shelf. Thermostock is very important."

Your Questions, In Focus

What’s the value of using our data versus seeing dummy data that you would normally see in a demo?

Other companies provide demos. We go one step further and use your actual data to demonstrate the real value of our technology for your company. Getting a free analysis using your actual data is the only way to truly understand what the technology can do for your company. We eliminate the risk of buying technology without understanding the results it can provide your business.

What happens during onboarding?

If you choose to onboard our digital technologies, we'll collaborate with you to fine-tune policies and add any additional policies tailored to your specific needs for continuous optimization month over month. We then set the policies to automate your data monthly. Along the way, we answer questions from everyone on your team.

What ongoing support do you provide after your wholesale distribution software inventory optimizers are connected to my ERP?

Each month, our digital technologies analyze 9 billion rows of your data to automatically process your inventory policies and send out optimized inventory values and settings for your review. Our experienced team of supply chain analysts review your data outputs in parallel for an extra set of expert eyes and make recommendations on optimizing policies. Once reviewed, the final values and settings flow into your ERP system automatically.