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Gain full-picture inventory visibility to make proactive, data-driven decisions that unlock more profit for your business and exceptional service for your customers.

Exclusively Partnering With Multi-Location Wholesale Distributors for More Than 20 Years

SKU-intensive distributors in plumbing, PVF, HVAC, electrical, auto parts, apparel, school and office supplies, wine and spirits, and food service partner with us to optimize their inventory for year-over-year growth.

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Compounding Complexities Create Inventory Challenges

Confident, proactive inventory decisions when you manage multiple locations, multiple stakeholders, and up to hundreds of thousands of SKUs can be difficult with ERP systems that weren’t specifically made to manage the complexity you handle day in and day out. This causes you to be more reactive than you would like to be. 

Reactive Decisions Hinder Inventory Performance

Our work with hundreds of wholesale distributors has exposed gaping holes in how your ERP manages SKU-intensive inventory, causing you to react to issues months too late.

Problem exposed

Only about 20% of SKUs are appropriately managed

Buyers only have time to analyze high-demand SKUs equaling about 20% of a wholesaler’s SKU population, leaving the other 80% mostly unmanaged, contributing to excess dead stock, higher stockouts, and lost sales.

Wholesale SKU
SKU Info
Problem exposed

85% of SKUs are low-volume items that sell 10 times or less per year

Your ERP can’t create an accurate forecast for low-volume items, leaving you with suboptimal stocking levels and purchasing quantities. Meanwhile, excess dead stock accumulates in your warehouses month after month.

Problem exposed

70% of SKUs only sell to one or two customers

Optimal inventory decisions rely on accurate forecasts and lead times, but most ERPs take at least six months to fully react to significant changes in demand and supply.


If you lose a customer, your inventory performance can tank without the appropriate response time. If you gain a customer buying a disproportionate amount of a SKU, you may experience stockouts until you adjust.

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Thermostock® and Tiltmeter® Supercharge Your Wholesale Distribution ERP for Optimal Performance

Mitigate your blind spots, gain complete-picture visibility

Our patent-pending wholesale distribution software for inventory optimization – Thermostock and Tilmeter – is designed to combat wholesaler inventory complexity. They target your blind spots created by unpredictable demand and change your ERP can’t detect, using 9 billion rows of data to provide you with visibility and control over all of your inventory – not just high-volume SKUs.



Thermostock automatically identifies and optimizes your low-volume demand items, preventing up to 90% of dead stock inventory.



Tiltmeter uniquely increases the speed at which your existing purchasing system reacts to demand and supply changes. It automatically alerts your team of these changes so buyers can adjust inventory settings to prevent lost sales, stockouts, and dead stock.


Confident, Proactive Inventory Decision-Making is an API Connection Away

You’ve made a large investment in your ERP system. There’s no need to overhaul your entire purchasing system when you can use our inventory ERP optimizers to target the exact issues that improve its weaknesses.


Thermostock and Tiltmeter plug into your existing ERP with an API connection, allowing you to solve the critical challenges of unpredictable demand and change that put the biggest strain on your ROI – all without disrupting your current operations.


No longer will you have to make up to 80% of your inventory decisions blindly until your ERP catches up. Instead, see the full inventory picture and confidently make proactive, data-informed decisions that maximize your inventory profitability.

Discover the difference

ERP and supply chain planning systems
Thrive’s inventory optimization software

Requires buyers to learn a new system

High disruption

No disruption


Cost of implementation and ongoing support

High cost

Low cost

Failure risk

Risk of failed buyer adoption

High risk

No risk

Implementation time

6-12 months

Less than 30 days per module

Prevents dead stock


Yes, up to 90%

Improves fill rates

On your low-selling parts


Yes, by an average of 8 points

Time to detect changes in demand and supply

4-6 months

1-2 months

Complimentary analysis (with your data)



Leverages ERP real-time on-hands and sales

Not batched, but real time



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Your Questions, In Focus

What size wholesaler does Thrive work with?

We partner with multi-location, SKU-intensive distribution companies in high-service environments, including plumbing, PVF, HVAC, electrical, auto parts, apparel, school and office supplies, wine and spirits, and food service. Explosive growth in long-tail demand and SKU proliferation creates your need to expertly optimize thousands or millions of SKUs across many different stocking locations to profitability stock products customers want to buy.

Your ERP only does a portion of the job optimizing SKUs for supply and demand – with its focus on high-volume items. For the other SKUs, your buyers and analysts often manually review multiple spreadsheets and large reports to detect optimizations that need to be made.

Now, that’s a way of the past.

We created patent-pending inventory optimization technologies – Thermostock and Tiltmeter – to help you optimize all of your SKUs, so you can automatically manage your total inventory, not just a portion of it.

How do I know the specific impact Thrive’s wholesale distribution software can provide?

The results from our work with SKU-intensive distribution companies help them prevent up to 90% of dead stock and reduce up to 50% of lost sales. The impact our technology makes is almost immediate – with insights on excess dead stock and unpredictable demand and supply changes in a month.

Our complimentary analysis will show you the specific impact our technologies can make on your business before you commit to purchasing. Book yours here.

How long is implementation?

It takes less than 30 days per module to implement our wholesale distribution software. Because it’s targeted AI technology, it takes just one month to get up and running.

Shortly thereafter, you will be able to see the full picture of your inventory and make proactive, data-driven inventory decisions to improve your profitability.

What happens during onboarding?

After running your data during our complimentary analysis using best-practice policies to uncover unpredictable demand and change, we show you the results that expose your blind spots.

Next, we’ll collaborate with you to fine-tune policies and add any additional policies tailored to your specific needs for continuous optimization month over month. We then set the policies to automate your data monthly. Along the way, we answer questions from everyone on your team.

What ongoing support do you provide after your wholesale distribution software inventory optimizers are connected to my ERP?

Each month, our AI technologies analyze 9 billion rows of your data to automatically process your inventory policies and send out optimized inventory values and settings for your review.

Our experienced team of supply chain analysts review your data outputs in parallel for an extra set of expert eyes and make recommendations on optimizing policies. Once reviewed, the final values and settings flow into your ERP system automatically.