End-to-end Purchasing System for Wholesale Distributors

Improve your inventory performance and profitability with our end-to-end digital purchasing system that takes the guesswork out of forecasting and replenishment.

Enterprise Purchasing System for Wholesale Distributors

Improve your inventory performance and profitability with our digital purchasing system that takes the guesswork out of forecasting and replenishment.

Your Needs Met

If you are happy with your ERP system but feel the purchasing functionality doesn't give you high enough inventory turns and fill rates, please evaluate our ERP inventory optimizers Thermostock® and Tiltmeter®.  On the other hand, if you would prefer replacing your ERP purchasing with a comprehensive purchasing system that does demand forecasting and inventory replenishment, you're in the right place.

Inventory Purchasing that Just Works Better

Break free from your ERP’s limitations.

If you have decided to implement a new purchasing system for supply chain planning, you’re in the right place. We have been the innovative wholesale-focused industry leader for more than 20 years. Our supply chain planning system replaces the limited ERP purchasing functionality with state-of-the-art forecasting and replenishment, giving you a more powerful purchasing system to manage inventory for increased profits.


It's frustrating being behind the eight ball because of inaccurate forecasts or reactive inventory processes. You need a system that allows buyers to do their job more quickly, with more precise forecasts, proactive inventory plans and analytics resulting in more profitable purchase orders and stocking levels.

Powerful Technology to Keep You Ahead

You’ve got thousands of SKUs to manage in multiple locations. That’s a lot of complexity and it takes powerful technology that can manage it all – and help you optimize – for better performance and full control over all aspects of your inventory, such as:

  • Precise forecasts with automated seasonality.
  • Proactive inventory plans and analytics.
  • Streamlined purchase orders.
  • Smarter replenishment for optimal stock levels.

High Accuracy Demand Inventory Forecasting

Plan your inventory with precise forecasts using the most accurate modeling system available.

Our inventory forecasting isn’t just the most accurate on the market – it’s the most accurate by a wide margin. That’s because we leverage more than 400 forecast modeling variations to give you the most in-depth look at upcoming sales for each item at each location.

Our inventory forecasting module, at a glance

Future-planning helps you anticipate and meet customer demand. You’re able to look at your demand up to 12 months in the future for all items or aggregate views of any meaningful item groupings by using our system. Our inventory forecasting will then automatically identify and predict seasonal patterns for each item at each stocking location.

Within the module, our forecast accuracy KPI will alert you to gaps when inventory issues arise and help you track:
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Forecast error
  • Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE)
  • Mean Average Deviation (MAD)
  • MAD Percent

The result?

Reduce your overall inventory by an average of 20% to 30% while increasing your sales by 5% by reducing stock outs.

No, that’s not an exaggeration.

“Thrive has helped make a profound impact on the way we manage inventory and demand planning activities. After our implementation, we were able to reduce inventory while increasing service levels. The staff at Thrive is extremely knowledgeable, always available, and we have never had an issue with the “hosted” service. I have been through many software implementations in my career, and the Thrive implementation was the most seamless and provided the largest ROI. Thrive reduced our inventory by 30% while increasing our line fill rate by 8%.”

John Grasso

Vice President of Operations

Efficient and Profitable Inventory Replenishment

Optimize inventory replenishment automatically and gain greater control over your stock levels, efficiently move products from one location to another, and adjust lead times with more accuracy.

Optimally buy vendor deals

We fill out containers in the most economical fashion, adding items to the current order that would have needed to be purchased with the next order.
For example, our inventory replenishment:
  • Will recommend items you should add to get prepaid freight or hit a vendor minimum.
  • Groups orders together for your vendors that are located close together geographically to facilitate efficiency in transportation cost.
  • Intelligently rolls up dependent warehouses that get their stock from a larger warehouse, placing the PO from the larger warehouse based on its own demand plus the dependent demand.
Vendor Deals
Inventory Intelligence

Improve your inventory intelligence

Not only are the levels of inventory intelligence unprecedented – the kind that you can’t get from your existing ERP but they come immediately.


The inventory intelligence includes:


  • “What If” analysis to easily examine the impact of changes in inventory policies on service levels and inventory levels.
  • Daily calculated overview of inventory performance, including current number of items out of stock, dollar amount of overstock, 12-month projections of inventory balances, projected service levels and inventory turns.
  • Trend analysis of overstock and stockouts. Determine which items have the highest stockout incidences and whether there are certain product categories that are more prone to overstocking, and why.

Daily inventory stock status data for each item activates your team quicker

Using the data from your ERP ensures that your team is always using the most up-to-date information. The process begins in the early hours of the morning, when we automatically send high-value alerts to your replenishment buyers that cover things such as:


  • An item is stocking out but no replenishment order has been placed to the vendor
  • An item has customers on back-order but no order has been placed
  • An item, based on current demand trends, may stockout within lead time

We actively monitor the daily inventory levels and stocking status for each item at each location to help prevent these situations day-to-day.

Inventory Stock

Future planning made easier

Be more prepared for seasonal changes and long lead times. Our inventory replenishment helps you plan for 12 months into the future by automatically identifying seasonal SKUs and adjusting the seasonality based on your knowledge.


These insights are designed to allow buyers to better handle the fluctuating demand and improve collaboration with key vendors to reduce lead times.

Gain Control of Your Inventory

“With the implementation of Thrive at our company, we are able to control our service level, lower inventory, and have faster turn around on new projects. We are in control of our inventory. The staff at Thrive is available to us when we need it, and takes the time to learn our business model and how Thrive can help achieve our business goals.”


from LDR Industries, Inc.

There’s Another Way

If you’re looking to improve your inventory performance but would prefer not to replace your ERP purchasing module, explore Thermostock® and Tiltmeter® patent-pending inventory optimization AI technologies. They handle and solve the most pressing inventory challenges for wholesalers without requiring a large software implementation. Lesk risk. Less disruption.


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