Better Together: Our Inventory Optimization Technology and Your ERP

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integration is all it takes to optimize your inventory blind spots for peak performance.

ERP Integrations with Leading Systems


Connect to Optimize

Once connected to your ERP, we deliver monthly data exposing your inventory blind spots, enabling you to take quick action to improve performance.

Control Your Blinds Spots of Unpredictability and Change

The optimized values from Thrive’s AI technologies flow into your ERP for full inventory visibility.

  • Sales Transactions
  • Sales Transactions
  • Sales Transactions

Your ERP Data Flows to Thrive’s AI Technologies Every Month

Avg amount of dead stock reduction with our technology in 4 months

  • Sales transactions
  • Item master
  • On-hands
  • Purchase orders

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Discover the difference

ERP and supply chain planning systems
Thrive’s inventory optimization software

Requires buyers to learn a new system

High disruption

No disruption


Cost of implementation and ongoing support

High cost

Low cost

Failure risk

Risk of failed buyer adoption

High risk

No risk

Implementation time

6-12 months

Less than 30 days per module

Prevents dead stock


Yes, up to 90%

Improves fill rates

On your low-selling parts


Yes, by an average of 8 points

Time to detect changes in demand and supply

4-6 months

1-2 months

Complimentary analysis (with your data)



Leverages ERP real-time on-hands and sales

Not batched, but real time



Your Questions, In Focus

What is an ERP integration?

An ERP integration, short for Enterprise Resource Planning integration, refers to the process of connecting an ERP system with other software applications or systems. Often, users integrate other software or systems with their ERP to streamline and optimize data flow and automate processes.

What data do you need from my ERP to integrate Thrive’s inventory optimization technology?

Thrive systems obtain your sales transactions for every item at each stocking location. We also import more detailed inventory values including unit costs, items available on-hand and on-order from your ERP system to use in our analyses.

What data goes back into my ERP from Thrive’s inventory optimization technology?

We send back optimized values to your ERP to improve purchasing. Values include item/location, stock/non-stock, and Min/Max.

Why should I consider Thrive’s inventory optimization technology instead of replacing my ERP with a new ERP or third-pary purchasing system?

Your ERP purchasing system does many things well, including managing and optimizing high-volume demand in real time. The areas it doesn’t do well are what we specialize in.

We created inventory optimization technologies that enhances your existing ERP investment so you don’t have to entirely replace it. They expose the blind spots of unpredictability and change that your ERP can’t detect to increase your inventory performance and ROI – without the hassle, time, expense, and learning curve.