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We regularly monitor and optimize Epicor Eclipse's settings for dramatically increased turns and fill rates without requiring a costly supply chain planning software implementation.


Empowering Inventory Optimization for Eclipse Users

Since Day 1, wholesale distributors have been looking at ways to effectively manage their inventory. For 50-plus years, since the first ERP system was designed, wholesale distributors have been using the same approach.


Thrive's ERP optimizers address these issues by leveraging a pre-built integration to connect directly with your Eclipse inventory system. That way, you don't have to go through a costly, lengthy, and risky supply chain planning software implementation. Thrive will actually provide more dramatic improvements in fill rates, reduced dead stock, and increased inventory turns.


Over the last few years, Thrive has developed patent pending AI technologies that optimize a wholesaler’s Epicor Eclipse ERP system rather than requiring a new large supply chain planning software implementation. The results from clients have been mind blowing, to say the least. 78% reduction in dead stock over 12 months.  Improvement in parts fill rates from under 80% to 88%.


Discover the difference

Supply chain planning systems
Thrive's ERP inventory optimizers

Requires buyers to learn a new system

High disruption

No disruption


Cost of implementation and ongoing support

High cost

Low cost

Failure risk

Risk of failed buyer adoption

High risk

No risk

Implementation time

6-12 months

Less than 30 days per module

Prevents dead stock


Yes, up to 90%

Improves fill rates

On your low-selling parts


Yes, by an average of 8 points

Time to detect changes in demand and supply

4-6 months

1-2 months

Complimentary analysis (with your data)



Leverages Eclipse real-time on-hands and sales



"Twelve months ago, we had a ton of dead stock on our D & E low-selling items. In the last 12 months, we saw a decrease of 78.5% in dead stock on our D & E items. Thermostock is very important."

“The idea of something being set automatically and the ability to have Thermostock update regularly is very attractive. We've seen the results that it does a better job of keeping track of those C & D items than Eclipse is doing."

"When someone asks me about Thrive, the first thing I tell people is if your first question is going to be 'Should I do this?' I'll answer it for you – yes. Absolutely. And the second thing is if they ask 'Is it worth the price?' 100% it is."

The Missing Piece to Your Eclipse Inventory Optimization Puzzle

Thrive’s studies of wholesalers across North America show that all the common issues wholesalers struggle with stem from unpredictability and change.

These common issues are:


  • Inadequate fill rates and inventory turns on parts
  • Stockouts and lost sales on high volume staple items
  • Excessive dead stock
  • Imbalanced inventory across locations


Screenshot 2024-05-08 141853-1

Wholesale Distributors: Our Primary Focus

You know this better than we do: Wholesale distributors are a unique business model, much different than retail or manufacturing. You need an inventory partner who specializes in wholesale distribution, not a one-size-fits-all “supply chain planning software” provider.
Better yet, if your inventory partner has a deep understanding of Eclipse and how to leverage your existing investment and workflow with Eclipse, you are going to reap huge benefits.

The Results Are in from Epicor Eclipse Clients

Blue and White Clean Corporate Company Case Study

Award-Winning Innovation

Our industry leadership and expertise in the field of inventory optimization have led to a variety of industry awards and recognitions.

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Copy of Most Promising Award
2023 Best of Marietta Award
Copy of 2023 Best of Marietta Award

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