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Completing the Inventory Picture for Wholesale Distributors

We solve the persistent inventory blind spots of SKU-intensive companies with patent-pending inventory optimization technologies that work with your ERP to minimize unpredictability and react more quickly to change.

Empowering Inventory Optimization for Wholesalers

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided purchasing systems for the wholesale inventory sector. In 2005, we were the first to adopt the SaaS model, establishing ourselves as the leading technology innovator in the space.


After many years of experience analyzing the results of ERP and best-of-breed purchasing systems, we’ve identified two primary blind spots your ERP and best-of-breed purchasing systems can’t detect that hinder your inventory profitability month after month.


These blind spots are unpredictable demand and change. So we went to work and developed optimization technology that works alongside your ERP system to address these inventory blind spots that your purchasing system alone can’t address.


The Missing Piece to Your Inventory Optimization Puzzle

Our first-of-its-kind, patent-pending digital inventory optimization technologies Thermostock® and Tiltmeter® effectively leverage your data to identify and address your inventory blind spots related to unpredictable demand and change that purchasing systems either miss or are too slow to react to.


For example, through our analysis of dozens of wholesale distributors across North America, we’ve found that 85% of SKUs sell 10 times or less per year, making up the vast majority of dead stock. Managing dead stock has been an issue that hasn’t had an answer – until now.


With an API connection to your existing ERP system, our AI technologies become the missing piece of your inventory puzzle and offer a 360-degree view to optimize all of your dynamic inventory, not just the predictable, unchanging portions of it.

Wholesale Distributors: Our Primary Focus

Wholesale distributors are high-volume, high-service environments that require efficient inventory performance to deliver high customer satisfaction. Your success depends on exemplary supply chain operations, which means having goods in stock for on-time delivery while still remaining profitable.
To ensure seamless inventory performance, we’ve built low-risk, non-disruptive, AI technologies that work with your ERP system to address blind spots and optimize your inventory.
Our technologies are effective across industries including plumbing, PVF, HVAC, electrical, building supplies, auto parts, apparel, school and office supplies, wine and spirits, and food service. These multi-location wholesalers have millions of SKUs across multiple stocking locations and leverage our technologies for improved inventory performance.   

Committed to Research and Development

At the core of our success is a commitment to learning, innovating, and improving. We invest more than 20% of annual revenues into research and development in an effort to enhance inventory science. That means added value to our clients as we continuously improve and innovate.


Award-Winning Innovation

Our industry leadership and expertise in the field of inventory optimization have led to a variety of industry awards and recognitions.

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Copy of Most Promising Award
2023 Best of Marietta Award
Copy of 2023 Best of Marietta Award

What Our Customers Say

“It’s been an incredibly easy onboarding process, with no disruption to our buyers and no expensive software implementation needed.”

John Snover

Vice President of Procurement

“We needed a smarter system to show us what was happening behind the scenes, and we got it with Thrive.”

Steve George

VP of Information

“Thrive worked hand-in-hand with our staff and has become a trusted supply chain partner.”

Chris Trevino

Director of Inventory

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