Secure and Scalable Digital Inventory Optimization Technologies

Advanced, cloud-based security ensures up-to-date protection for our SKU-intensive clients. 

Reliability For Your Data

Partnered with the leader in cloud security.

We partner with AWS (Amazon Web Service) to provide innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) inventory optimization technologies for SKU-intensive companies. AWS services offer unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and scalability to enhance the value of our AI technologies for our clients.


All of our applications and our client's data reside in IP-locked services, with end-to-end security, and the same reliability features used by Amazon's multi-billion dollar business.


Redundancy, Archiving, and Security

Uninterrupted, safe service at all times.

Whether your inventory contains a few hundred or 100,000s of SKUs, our patent-pending digital technologies are fully equipped to handle the immense data you manage with the help of Amazon’s advanced facilities.


The flexibility of AWS security services allow us to instantly expand and adapt the system to match and configure any operational changes you may have today or in the future.


Service redundancy

AWS offers protection against localized and regional application failures. In case of failures, the service automatically recovers in another region with no interruption in service.


Data archiving

We archive our client data every day to ensure industry-leading protection from client-side loss, mistake-proofing, and risk mitigation. Client data archives are always encrypted with unique client keys.

Our data archiving lets you test new system modifications, organizational updates, and customized features without any risk to your processes or data.


State-of-the-art security

We built our applications to use the same ultra-secure, cutting-edge data centers that host Amazon’s global presence. These data centers feature always-up-to-date robust physical and digital security measures with active threat protection and monitoring.

In the age of constant cyber-security threats to mid-size and large-scale wholesalers, we believe that our clients will have the greatest security possible under the AWS umbrella.


Our Technology Powers Our Patent-Pending Solutions


Our Technologies Integrate with Industry-Leading ERPs