Use AI Technology to Take Control of Your Inventory Blind Spots

Because Wholesale Inventory is Broken

Intermittent demand. Large, sudden changes in sales and lead times. Your ERP struggles to manage these, and that’s not your fault.


Reduce stockouts and dead stock, without the need for a costly new software implementation.


World-Class Wholesale Distributors Partner With Us

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“The idea of something being set automatically and the ability to have Thermostock update regularly is very attractive. We've seen the results that it does a better job of keeping track of those C & D items than Eclipse is doing."

"For our transfer fill rates, we set our goal to equal or greater than 80%. Before Thermostock, it was lower than that regularly. But now, we are consistently at an 88% on our transfer fill rate."

“Twelve months ago, we had a ton of dead stock on our D & E low-selling items. In the last 12 months, we saw a decrease of 78.5% in dead stock on our D & E items. Thermostock is very important. "

Award-Winning Innovation

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How Much is Your ERP System Costing You?

Most of the stuff you sell isn’t forecastable, and ERPs are designed with the assumption that each SKU sells at least 20 times per year. The reality is that 75% of a wholesaler's SKUs sell less than 10 times per year.


Relying on your ERP purchasing alone is costing wholesale distributors millions annually. Let's change that together.

AI-driven Results


Control Your Blinds Spots of Unpredictability and changes

Average dead stock reduction with our technology in four months


Control Your Blinds Spots of Unpredictability and changes

The average improvement on your fill rates for your low-selling parts

8 Points

Control Your Blinds Spots of Unpredictability and changes

Monthly data records analyzed per client


Average dead stock reduction in 12 months. 



Average points improvement on fill rates for your low-selling parts.



Total monthly data records analyzed per client.


Our AI Technologies



Automatically identify and optimize unpredictable demand from low-selling SKU inventory.



Quickly detect inventory problems leading to stockouts and dead stock by increasing the speed at which your purchasing system reacts to demand and supply changes.

No One Needs a Big Software Implementation

No risk. Low cost. Short start-up time.

Our AI technologies leverage your existing ERP to get the most sales and profits out of your inventory.

Targeted Solutions, Superpowered Results

Unlike replacing your entire purchasing system, which frequently takes more than six months for full implementation, integrating our targeted solutions takes as little as 30 days per module.


Here are the results our clients have seen:

  • Prevent up to 90% of dead stock.
  • Improve parts fill rates by 8 points.
  • Decrease in back orders on C & D items by 88.5%.
  • Improve your turns on parts by 81.2%.

Serving Wholesale Distributors for More Than 20 Years

As a team of supply chain analysts and technologists, we help solve your most pressing inventory challenges with advanced optimization technology that scales across your entire organization.

"Cutting POs for certain vendors used to take a buyer two full days of analysis, so they could only cut the POs every two or three months. Now those same vendor POs can be cut every two weeks because it only takes 15 minutes using Thrive."

Adison Korsgaard

Vice President of Finance

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