Thrive Technologies Launches Enlighten®

The digital analysis system helps distributors identify specific causes of lost sales and dead stock

Thrive Technologies, a leading provider of digital inventory buying systems for multi-location wholesalers and distributors, is proud to announce the launch of Enlighten® — a patent pending new digital analysis system that leverages machine learning to identify the specific causes of inventory issues. Analyzing millions of rows of data to “enlighten” distributors, Enlighten reveals the reasons for lost sales and dead stock and pinpoints the specific areas of business contributing to the problem.

“There are two primary inventory issues that every distributor wants to improve, but until now haven’t had a good understanding of the underlying causes — lost sales due to out-of-stock product and stock that doesn’t sell,” said Thrive Technologies CEO Rick Morris. “Enlighten helps distributors discover the root causes of lost sales and dead stock, so they can take action and reclaim the profit they’ve been losing as a result of these complex inventory issues.”

Based on Thrive’s extensive research, the typical distributor loses 5-10 percent of their annual revenue due to not having the right product in the right place when the client wants to buy it. For a $100 million distributor, that means a revenue loss of $5-10 million annually. In addition, Thrive’s analysis shows that 7-20 percent of a typical distributor’s inventory investment is overstock (defined as more than a year’s supply) that has to be written off or liquidated. Enlighten identifies the causes of both lost sales and dead stock, providing insight on a user-friendly dashboard and allowing distributors to drill down to the specific items or vendors that are having issues.

“Distributors in this COVID-disrupted supply chain environment are seeing stockouts due to suppliers taking longer with deliveries or having a limited supply," said Morris.  "However, another cause for their stockouts might actually be buyers waiting for the suggested order to be at or above the vendor minimum for free freight. Enlighten can help identify the actual cause of stockouts, allowing distributors to focus on the real issue and make more informed decisions.”

Additional information about Thrive Technologies, including its entire portfolio of proven supply chain solutions, can be found online at Learn more about the patent-pending Enlighten digital analysis system at

About Thrive Technologies

Thrive Technologies is committed to solving supply chain planning issues for inventory-intensive companies without requiring expensive risky software implementations. Thrive has developed patent-pending technologies that analyze billions of rows of inventory data and have reduced dead stock by 43.5% in 4 months. Thrive’s inventory solutions are live within days, integrate closely with clients’ ERP systems, and provide unprecedented agility in managing unpredictability and change in demand and supply chains.

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