Optimize Your Inventory Without Breaking the Bank

Our AI technologies connect with your existing ERP system, eliminating the need for a costly software implementation. 

These start at $2,500 per month (with as low as a $10,000 implementation fee) for the first module. Additional modules start at $1,500 per month (with as low as a $5,000 implementation fee).


Discover the difference

ERP and supply chain planning systems
Thrive’s inventory optimization software

Requires buyers to learn a new system

High disruption

No disruption


Cost of implementation and ongoing support

High cost

Low cost

Failure risk

Risk of failed buyer adoption

High risk

No risk

Implementation time

6-12 months

Less than 30 days per module

Prevents dead stock


Yes, up to 90%

Improves fill rates

On your low-selling parts


Yes, by an average of 8 points

Time to detect changes in demand and supply

4-6 months

1-2 months

Complimentary analysis (with your data)



Leverages ERP real-time on-hands and sales

Not batched, but real-time



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